Crayon Box

clip_image002When I was young, the hardest for me was picking a crayon out of the box just like every kid in my age. Every time my teacher asks us to color our drawing, mine will definitely be the one having the brightest colors. I have always been attracted to things that appear bright. I like all things to be colored that way. By the end of the day, all my bright colored crayons are all small and broken into two while the dark colors remain untouched. The dark colors didn’t appeal to me that much. They’re ugly—that’s what I thought.

Few years had passed and I am no longer called a kid. I still color pictures, but there was one thing that changed—mine doesn’t look bright anymore. I learned how to use the colors blue, indigo, violet, green and the other colors that I have never used before. Why? It’s because I realized that not all things that appear bright look good and not all those that are good appear bright. Sometimes, we have to accept the fact that dark colors are necessary in order to give balance in life.

As I grow older, dark colors keep on invading the drawings. As time goes by, I find it necessary to put dark colors on drawings. The more I do so, the more the drawings become realistic. Because each year that passes by gives me different kinds of obstacles ̶ no, challenges rather for these are the things that shape who and what I am today. Each pain and laughter represents different colors in my life and there’s a different shade for all the things I’ve been to. Whether dark or bright, I need both. For life isn’t always a ray of sunshine. I learned how to use all the dark colors of my life in a positive way and that’s what matters most.

Every now and then, I try to look at my works and they never fail to give me a smile on my face. It might seem crazy but as I gaze on those drawings, clip_image004I remember how naïve and foolish I was before for not realizing the importance of all the crayons in my crayon box. Colors that would always describe me.


5 Reasons Why Manny Pacquiao Lost to a Bradley Fight

Manny Pacquiao’s aggrevated lost against Timothy Bradley resulted to many speculations and reasons on why and how did “the desert storm” demolished the 7 streak wins of the “pound for pound king”. Here are the 5 reasons why “Pacman” was beaten by a “storm”.

1. Age


Pacquiao is already 33 years old compared to the 28 year-old Bradley. Pacquiao was then to have rumors about his last fight that he goes to his dressing room on the middle of the rounds in his fight against Marquez to use his treadmill because of his muscle cramps(because he needs to lose calories which causes cramps). Well, of course, age doesn’t matter. But his cramps does.

2. Politics


Well, I would like to call him Rep. Manny “Pacman” “Pound for Pound King” Pacquiao. Manny pacquiao is now the congressman of the Saranggani province in Philippines. Being a congressman is quite a heavy job to be responsible with. Boxing with politics?? Just pick one or you’ll lose focus with the two.

3. Resignation as a boxer

He’s already 32 years old. He got the money. What can he look for?? Maybe it’s time to quit boxing. But many are opposing his decision to resign boxing and go to politics. He’s lost to Bradley maybe a sign of his resignation. Maybe after his rematch with Bradley he’ll resign, nobody knows.

4. Popularity

Well, we all know that every fight of Pacman could be a sure winning game. People get tired of seeing Manny winning and winning. It’s time to regain his popularity isn’t it??

5. Overconfidence


He smiles. What an overconfident smile in the 5th round of the fight against Bradley. Maybe he’s a little complacent about the score (all of the viewers of course think that the score is favored to Manny). But of course, too much is always enough to kill you (but for me he has the right to be confident).


Well…Everyone, I lied there is one reason why he lost. But don’t consider it as a libel or something. Just want to share some things up.


Another Bradley vs. Pacquiao fight could and might be interesting. Another million bucks of ice cold money isn’t it?? There could be someone who plotted things up. Who could might it be? Don’t say a word. Just read it behind your mind. Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe I’m wrong.



But one is for sure..image


Essays are What You are Made of


You would always love to write your own essay. You would always feel that you have enough with your essays. You would always remember a nice childhood with your essays. Because everything in your essay is what you are made of.

From the date of our birth to the date of when our end will come; Everyone are different. So as our essays. You live to be exaggerated because you yourself is an essay. You assemble your own personality with words. Because essays is what you are made of.

clip_image002You write your own essay with your own personality. Essays are full of one’ self. It reflects your own feelings; because you write yourself in it. You fly with your own imagination, think out of the box. Everyone can’t be the same, so as our essays. Because essays is what you are made of.

Words are not so perfect. Everyone can make mistake. Mistakes are something that is not taken for granted. Correct the every phrase of your life. No matter how many fragments it may have, don’t give up. Don’t just end yourself with a period. Explore the world, there might be few question marks, but still there are plenty of commas to pursue and continue on what you have started. Because essays is what you are made of.

Words are just used to express. But heart is what you use to communicate. No matter what color your dick is; It is the heart that makes all of the difference. No matter how much money you’ve spilled in; It is yourself that makes all the difference. Because you yourself does worth a million words. You are an essay.