Crayon Box

clip_image002When I was young, the hardest for me was picking a crayon out of the box just like every kid in my age. Every time my teacher asks us to color our drawing, mine will definitely be the one having the brightest colors. I have always been attracted to things that appear bright. I like all things to be colored that way. By the end of the day, all my bright colored crayons are all small and broken into two while the dark colors remain untouched. The dark colors didn’t appeal to me that much. They’re ugly—that’s what I thought.

Few years had passed and I am no longer called a kid. I still color pictures, but there was one thing that changed—mine doesn’t look bright anymore. I learned how to use the colors blue, indigo, violet, green and the other colors that I have never used before. Why? It’s because I realized that not all things that appear bright look good and not all those that are good appear bright. Sometimes, we have to accept the fact that dark colors are necessary in order to give balance in life.

As I grow older, dark colors keep on invading the drawings. As time goes by, I find it necessary to put dark colors on drawings. The more I do so, the more the drawings become realistic. Because each year that passes by gives me different kinds of obstacles ̶ no, challenges rather for these are the things that shape who and what I am today. Each pain and laughter represents different colors in my life and there’s a different shade for all the things I’ve been to. Whether dark or bright, I need both. For life isn’t always a ray of sunshine. I learned how to use all the dark colors of my life in a positive way and that’s what matters most.

Every now and then, I try to look at my works and they never fail to give me a smile on my face. It might seem crazy but as I gaze on those drawings, clip_image004I remember how naïve and foolish I was before for not realizing the importance of all the crayons in my crayon box. Colors that would always describe me.


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