Essays are What You are Made of


You would always love to write your own essay. You would always feel that you have enough with your essays. You would always remember a nice childhood with your essays. Because everything in your essay is what you are made of.

From the date of our birth to the date of when our end will come; Everyone are different. So as our essays. You live to be exaggerated because you yourself is an essay. You assemble your own personality with words. Because essays is what you are made of.

clip_image002You write your own essay with your own personality. Essays are full of one’ self. It reflects your own feelings; because you write yourself in it. You fly with your own imagination, think out of the box. Everyone can’t be the same, so as our essays. Because essays is what you are made of.

Words are not so perfect. Everyone can make mistake. Mistakes are something that is not taken for granted. Correct the every phrase of your life. No matter how many fragments it may have, don’t give up. Don’t just end yourself with a period. Explore the world, there might be few question marks, but still there are plenty of commas to pursue and continue on what you have started. Because essays is what you are made of.

Words are just used to express. But heart is what you use to communicate. No matter what color your dick is; It is the heart that makes all of the difference. No matter how much money you’ve spilled in; It is yourself that makes all the difference. Because you yourself does worth a million words. You are an essay.